Donna Guthrie from London & Eastern region asks question on race pay gap at Policy Conference

Donna Guthrie at Policy conference
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Race pay gap reporting and action not words!

June last year the world witnessed the brutal police murder of George Floyd. This led to protests erupting across the globe and Black people disclosing their everyday experiences of racism. 

There were Black Lives Matter  statements from every company going and pledges to take action to challenge systemic racism. 

Black people felt, finally, action not words.
Where I work we had Black members call out lack of Black representation in Senior positions and the failure to carry out Equality Impact Assessments 

Our pay claim this year included a demand for a Gender pay gap report and a Race/Ethnicity pay gap, with actions to address and reduce the gap in pay. 

We need action not words 

we need a union that looks like its members and workers in our community that we hope will join Unite. 

We need representation of black voices in our movement who can speak to the lived equality experiences. 

We need action not words from employers and our union too.

can you say how Unite will lead by example as the TUC has done on race pay gap reporting? 

Can you say something about a toolkit for reps on equality impact assessments and race pay gap demands?