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UNITED LEFT is a broad left organisation open only to Unite members. We are a voluntary organisation that links Unite shop stewards, union activists, convenors and Full Time Officers and staff in a network across Britain and Ireland.

We have a vision for a union which is:

  • Democratic and lay member-led,
  • Fighting back for its members,
  • Strong organisationally and financially
  • Building union organisation in more and more workplaces.

We want a campaigning union that has a clear political voice, in the Labour Party but also beyond, demanding the changes needed to give working class people and their families a better deal and a more secure future.

We want a union that links with trade unions in Europe and globally to take on multinational capital

We are socialists. We think that working people collectively must be in the driving seat, in control of the state, to create a society for the many and not the few.

We are for the overcoming of inequality through:

  • An economy planned by and in the interests of working people,
  • The reindustrialisation of UK areas laid waste by capitalism’s off-shoring of industry with A Green New Deal and a Just Transition as laid out at the Labour party conference.
  • High quality public services (rail, water, energy, NHS, education etc), backed up by municipal socialism (council houses, public transport, social care etc).
  • A strong welfare state funded through progressive taxation in which corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

We campaign for socialist candidates in Unite elections to ensure our union is led by socialists.

We defend our Union’s Rule Book and give guidance at our Rules and Policy conferences on which motions and amendments should be supported to advance our union’s socialist agenda.

If you agree with our outlook – please join us.

Check out our United Left websiteTwitter and Facebook group