Tell the Tories to #CanceltheCut to #UniversalCredit

Cancel cut to Universal Credit
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from Steve Turner, Unite AGS and Co-Chair of Labour Assembly Against Austerity

Dear Friend,

In six short weeks, with the snatch-back of £20 a week from universal credit claimants, September 30th could go down as a very bleak day.

The five-week waiting period for Universal Credit will leave families with no income and forced to rely on food banks and emergency loans once furlough ends on the same day.  The double-whammy of the £20 reduction will drive these families further into debt.

Most people on universal credit are in work, many of them serving on the frontline through this crisis. In-work poverty is a very real problem in this country, as we subsidise employers who underpay their staff. Rishi Sunak should be looking to fix the poverty pay that condemns millions of workers to a hand-to-mouth existence, not throwing even more families into poverty.

Taking £20 off people in need is taking the shoes off children’s feet or the winter coat off their back. Snatching £20 a week won’t just hurt kids and families, it will deprive hard-pressed local high streets like mine in south London of custom.
This cruel policy without a friend outside the cabinet should be ditched without delay.

Join us by signing here and help us reach 50,000 signatures as we stand up and say no to the UC cut.

Best wishes,
Steve Turner, Co-Chair Labour Assembly Against Austerity.

PS: As well as supporting the petition, you can read my new article on this and the end to furlough here.