Support BrewDog workers – working in a “culture of fear”

Support BrewDog workers
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Workers at BrewDog, a multinational brewery and pub chain, are organising to change the culture of their company and their industry.

In the last month, hundreds of workers have signed a collective letter describing the “culture of fear” at BrewDog, which has allowed “workers to be treated like objects: to be harassed, assaulted, belittled and insulted.”

Despite agreeing to “listen, learn and act” BrewDog’s bosses are refusing to meet with the trade union representatives.

Add your name, calling for the the CEO, COO and major shareholders to stop ignoring these calls to engage with the union which represents so many of your workers.Adding your signature will show these workers how many of us have their back. And it will show BrewDog that this campaign will not go away until they do the right thing. 

Sign this petition to send a message to BrewDog bosses.

BrewDog bosses have announced that an undisclosed third party will carry out exit interviews. The workers have no faith in this process, which is not fully independent nor transparent. 

To rebuild trust, workers deserve independent collective recognition, not gimmicks and expensive consultants. 

Let’s act together – to ensure BrewDog bosses to listen to their workers and speak to their union.

In solidarity, 

Anthony from Megaphone