Strike at British Airways Cargo – appeal for solidarity and support

BA cargo workers' strike
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On Christmas day, and for nine days, our members employed by BA in the cargo facility at Heathrow took part in strike action.  Our strike was hugely well supported and we are so proud of the bravery and discipline our nearly 900 members have shown. 

This action was in response to our employer terminating our contracts of employment and rehiring us on drastically inferior terms and conditions.  

Our members are losing thousands of pounds in wages, typically between £6,000 and £8000 a year.  BA have opportunistically sought to exploit the pandemic to tear up our collectively bargained contracts and impose wage levels that will drive our members into significant hardship.  Our disgust at this behaviour is heightened by the fact throughout the crisis our members have been incredibly dedicated to sustaining the national effort to keep vital supplies of medicines and PPE flowing into the UK.

We know that we can win this dispute and we are escalating our strike action with nine further strikes dates now announced.  If BA thinks for one moment that they can smash our union in Cargo and decimate our livelihoods, then they are wrong.

How can you help? 

Our determination and resolve to face down BA has already been massively strengthened by the many messages of solidarity we have received from right across our movement.  We would welcome messages from all regions, branches, shop stewards’ committees and combines etc.

As a branch we have already committed most of our money to supporting our members who have lost wages taking strike action.  This is obviously in addition to Unite strike pay which has been authorised.  

We would like to continue to support our members in the next phase of the dispute. We are really grateful to the support we have already received from other branches, however we are hopeful that by widening our request for solidary and support we might reach our strike fund target of £50,000.  We are therefore asking you to consider making a financial contribution.

Donations can be sent to: 

Unity Trust Bank 
TGWU 1/1354 Industrial Grades 
Sort code:608301 
Account no: 20141075 

Thank you for your solidarity, we know we will never walk alone. 

Branch 1354 – BA Cargo