Pensioners excess winter deaths
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 Friday 26 November 12 noon

Assemble by George V statue at Old Palace Yard and opposite the House of Lords for speeches and then march off to Downing Street. Please bring banners!!

Organised by NPC National Pensioners Convention, Greater London Region and the Fuel Poverty Action Group.

The figures for the number of additional winter deaths of older people, due to cold related illnesses will be announced on 26 November. The number of excess deaths in England and Wales varies each year, for example in 2018 it was over 50.000 and last year over 28,000, and yet no-one seems to care. 

Due to the cost of fuel and poorly insulated homes we expect deaths to increase of older and vulnerable people as gas prices are predicted to increase by over 30% and the price cap to go up to about £1,660 almost £400. 

Our protest is being jointly held with the Fuel Poverty Action Group.

We hope you will be able to join us, with your banners, in condemning the disgraceful lack of action being taken to resolve the situation of so many unnecessary deaths.

This is especially significant when the government is not doing anything to offset the large increases in fuel bills that pensioners will be forced to pay over the coming months. 

Immediate action is for the Government to halt any increase to fuel bills.

For further information please contact Barry Todman 020 8668 2840

Download a leaflet advertising the protest here