Solidarity with oil workers of Iran

Iranian oil workers
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Message of support from LESE International Affairs Committee

Dear Comrades,

Solidarity from the International Affairs Committee of TUC-LESE in the UK

We officers and members of the International Affairs Committee of TUC-London, Eastern And South-Eastern (TUC-LESE) declare our full support for the striking petrochemical and oilfield workers in Iran. As active members of the various affiliated trades unions in our region, we will do everything we can to gather support for your struggle.

We are all too familiar with employers’ attempts to circumvent workers’ rights by using labour broking. Workers all over the world know that this is a method of undermining rights which the working class has won in struggle as a class.

We will work in our union structures to mobilise the most powerful international movement possible on behalf of our sisters and brothers in Iran

LESE International Affairs Committee (IAC)

Queries to IAC:

See information about Iranian Oil Workers’ strikes here.