Retired Members Plus support Steve Turner for General Secretary

Retired Members Plus support Steve Turner
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See their letter in support of Steve below

Members of the Unite National Retired Members Plus Committee in their personal capacity are supporting Steve Turner for the position of General Secretary of Unite, because of his vast experience as a negotiator with employers and Government Ministers on behalf of Members. His outlook is intergenerational as he has had responsibility for furthering the interests of both the Community and Retired Members sector of Unite the union. 

In our opinion he is a man of sound trade union principles and will not be deflected from doing what is right for the entire membership. 

We support Steve because we care about all sections of the membership, in particular young people, we have sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren and we worry about their working future if, the union we have helped to build through our fights, will end up being led by an unsuitable candidate. 

Our young workers, especially following this pandemic, need more power, a louder voice. Our sons, daughters and grandchildren, as essential workers by choice or as volunteers, have endangered their health and their own families’ safety to support the nation to keep on functioning.

Steve Turner has led the way while fighting to protect their jobs and their families’ wellbeing while negotiating the furlough scheme at the Chancellor table.  

We need your support to help us fight to protect our children and grandchildren future and be grateful if you could let your readers know about our concerns and call to vote in this Unite General Secretary election.

To all your readers who are Unite members: If you haven’t voted yet we urge you to help secure Unite members’ future by voting for Steve Turner as General Secretary. He will deliver on jobs, pay and safety. Steve’s got your back. Vote Steve Turner and post your ballot back straight away.

In Solidarity 

On behalf of the many Retired Member Plus Members:

Mike McLoughlin (Lay Coordinator), Monica Taylor (National Chair) Maggie Roberts (National Vice Chair), Phil Wiseman  ( Executive Council Retired Member Seat ), Alan SidawayRonnie MorrisonRoy RixBarry TodmanLorene FabianJames GotobedTed JenksJenifer FoxonJimmy WhelanJean DunlopBill MooresSid Packers and Tony O’Brien.