For a Labour Victory!

United Left leaflet for National Industrial Sector conferences

Rebecca Long-Bailey, shadow secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy
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Below we print the text of the leaflet United Left will hand out at Unite’s National Industrial Sector conferences.

Download the leaflet here.

This week saw the British establishment join ranks to ramp up the mass impoverishment of the many to ensure the continued privilege of the few.

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, two prominent private-school-educated representatives of the wealthy and powerful went public on their shared project of crushing working-class resistance to austerity.

We are nine years on from the financial crash caused by Tory deregulation policies; nine years of intensified attacks on manufacturing, decent unionised jobs, wages, pensions, the poor and our NHS.

Now these two (supposedly opposed) wings of Britain’s elite finally cut a deal which they hope will turn the UK into a low-wage off-shore money-laundering centre, enslaved to Donald Trump’s every whim.

This is a long way from the Johnson/ Farage big lie of “Taking Back control” peddled in 2016.

Labour is the only party with a Brexit policy capable of bringing the British people together. Whether we are in or out of the EU, we still need decent schools, jobs and housing, and a future containing all of these for our young workers.

Every other party seeks to increase the Brexit divide, by campaigning for a one-sided leave or remain vote which rejects the concerns of one or the other half of the country.

12 December must be our Independence Day – the day working-class people finally get a real choice between austerity on steroids under the Tory/Brexit party or real hope for a decent future with Labour’s radical policies aimed at rebuilding and rebalancing our manufacturing and service economy.

Only Labour has a policy of well-paid unionised green manufacturing jobs which will utilise the UK’s skills base to manufacture the products and develop the technologies to combat climate breakdown. Rebecca Long Bailey and Laura Pidcock set this vision out at Labour’s conference in September.

Labour’s fully-costed manifesto is a platform for building a decent society based on the best working-class values of solidarity, community & hope.

Johnson is a liar and Farage is a conman. Their backers in the media have always hated the organised working- class movement. Let’s make every vote count in our heartlands and fight for a real, socialist, future for our families and communities.

The United Left is fully behind our union leadership and our democratically agreed policies of fighting to win this election. Don’t be fooled by the Tory and Brexit Party lies.

Let’s mobilise in our workplaces and communities and get the vote out for a Labour victory in three weeks’ time.

Download the leaflet here.