Arise ye workers!

Dockers at Pentonville 50th anniversary
Dockers at Pentonville 50th anniversary
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This was the clarion call that rang out as the united strength of British workers forced the release of the Pentonville Five in 1972.

It rings just as true today as we face a massive Cost of Living Crisis.

The powerful history of the British working class and the achievements of one of its most class conscious sections of workers was celebrated at East Ham Town Hall on the 50th anniversary of the release of the Pentonville Five.

Ex-Liverpool dockers from the two-year long dispute which followed their 1995-8 lockout by the employer joined those who participated in the 1972 workers’ mass action which forced the government to release the five Pentonville dockers.

The audience was enthralled by ex-docker Kevin Hussey’s recounting of the events leading up to the arrest and imprisonment of the Pentonville Five –  jailed for picketing – and the magnificent widespread workers’ action that forced their release. 

Andy Green, representing Docks and Waterways on Unite’s Executive council told how he learned his politics and activism after he started work from stewards who had led on the docks during and after the release of the Pentonville Five.

See the film with footage of the historic events that opened the meeting. 

Other speakers included Jeremy Corbyn MP, ex-Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey, Peter Kavanagh Unite London & Eastern regional secretary, John Hendy QC, labour lawyer, and Rokhsana Fiaz Mayor of Newham.

We will post a recording of the meeting here shortly.