Cuba Solidarity Campaign groups call emergency protest against US aggression against Cuba

Cuba Solidarity demonstration
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From the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

CSC groups have called an emergency protest outside the Cuban embassy in London at 13.00 on Sunday November 14th. The protest will highlight ongoing US interference and aggression against the island which is being whipped up by hard line anti Cuban groups based in Miami.

In July there were a number of demonstrations in Cuba which were widely reported by the main stream media. However what wasn’t reported was the level of coordination and financing for these protests by the United States and the far right anti Cuban groups based mainly in Miami. Such US interference is a continuation of the ongoing 60 year aggression against Cuba. These same groups are now attempting to take advantage of the difficult economic situation brought about through the US Blockade, tightened US sanctions, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are now working to coordinate a repeat of the July events with more threats of destabilisation and possible violence aimed at preparing the ground for another ‘soft coup’ attempt. They are also attempting to coordinate anti Cuban protests in a number of cities across the world including in London.

There is already a concerted media effort to condemn Cuba, and Cuba’s response to these aggressions, with little attempt to ‘fact check’ the narrative emanating from Florida. The Cuba Solidarity Campaign did much to counteract the misinformation around the July events (See CSC news: What’s going on in Cuba – alternative media archive ( we will again disseminate further articles and briefings over the next few days.