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Jim Kelly - with fist raised
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Jim Kelly is on the right in the picture abovebut on the left in every other circumstance!

From Jim Kelly Chair of United Left – a clarification

To all United Left members.

I feel compelled to address some comments in an article on the Skuawkbox website by Lorna Robertson dated 16 July 2020. I am concerned that the article may have given the misleading and erroneous impression that I am supporting one candidate in the Unite UL husting.

Many United Left members have contacted me because they thought I was the Jim Kelly cited in the article who is supporting one of the candidates in the hustings.

The article does not make clear the difference between myself: Jim Kelly, chair of United Left, and Jimmy Kelly, retired Regional Secretary in Ireland and has given rise to the impression that I am supporting the candidate mentioned in the article, Howard Beckett. 

As a member of the United Left I am entitled to my personal views.

However, I have not commented on social media or on public forums on any of the candidates, as laid out by the decisions of the United Left National Coordinating Committee meetings on 20 June and 11 July.

The NCC took those decisions in order to ensure a free and fair election process with no dirty tricks.

Three decisions in particular are pertinent:

• That no member of the NCC would endorse or campaign for any candidate

• That no UL region/ nation would endorse or campaign for any candidate

• That no official United Left social media or digital platforms could be used to publicise any of the candidates prior to the hustings

To conclude Jimmy Kelly is the retired Regional Secretary in Ireland. 

Whereas I am the Chair of London & Eastern Unite. 


Jim Kelly

United Left Chair