Namibia protest gender-based violence

Young Namibians rise up against gender-based violence

Three days of nation-wide protest From Eyewitness news website. Namibian police on Saturday fired teargas, rubber bullets and arrested dozens of protesters in the capital, Windhoek, during the third day of nationwide demonstrations against gender-based […]

Carrejon miners on strike
International Solidarity

Support striking Colombian coal miners

From the LabourStart newsletter. Once again, a company has taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to attack workers’ rights. This time, it’s coal miners in Colombia who have had to go on strike. Workers at […]

Coronavirus Job Support Scheme

Saving jobs with the ‘Job Support Scheme’

From Unite AGS Steve Turner Following the announcement that the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) is going to be replaced with a new Job Support Scheme (JSS) from 1st November, we’ve done some analysis that we […]