Trade Union rights and the fight for fair legislation

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Conference reconfirms its opposition to all restrictive anti-trade union legislation, and opposes all legal attempts to restrict the fundamental right to strike, or that prevent trade unions from having a political voice by affiliating to a political party.

Conference commits UNITE to step up the campaign against the 2016 Trade Union Act which sets undemocratic barriers to prevent legitimate strike action; allows the Government’s Trade Union Commissioner unfettered interference in internal trade union affairs; and severely restricts the right for trade unions and their members to affiliate to the Labour Party and contribute to it financially.

Conference warmly welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to include in Labour’s Manifesto the repeal of the Tories’ Trade union Act 2016, and for new laws to fully protect trade union freedoms and the right to strike.

However Conference recognises we cannot leave the Labour Party to battle for our rights on its own. Conference therefore calls on UNITE to:

• Produce publicity materials outlining the case for strong trade unions and the importance of the fundamental right to strike
• Step up the campaign to repeal the Trade union Act 2016 and previous Tory anti-union legislation in favour of new legislation guaranteeing trade union freedoms
• Ensure this campaign remains high profile in the run up to, and during, the next General Election Campaign