Tory tries to scrap the Working Time Directive

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This week learned that Tory MP Christopher Chope has tabled a ‘private member’s bill’ to scrap the Working Time Directive – the law which protects paid holiday and rest breaks.

You may recognise the name – Christopher Chope caused outrage recently when he blocked legislation to make ‘upskirting’ a criminal offence.

Theresa May has promised that workers’ rights will be ‘protected and enhanced’ after Brexit but it’s clear that some Tories see Brexit as a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn us into the bargain basement of Europe.

We’ve tweeted Theresa May to ask her whether she stands by her commitment to workers’ rights but perhaps she’s too busy battling her cabinet. Could you help us out by dropping her a tweet?

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P.S. Whilst we believe strongly in MPs being held to account for their decisions we don’t condone abuse or threatening language of any kind so please keep it friendly or use our pre-written tweet.