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• Conference notes the UN Security Council resolution of January 2017 condemning Israel’s illegal occupation of, and building of settlements on, Palestinian territory and the further infringements of the rights of the Palestinian people
• Conference further notes the resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly in November 2016 calling for an intensification of efforts to achieve a just, lasting and peaceful solution to the question of Palestine with a Palestinian state freely existing within its 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, and the right of return for refugees
• Conference therefore calls for support for a renewed campaign in Britain, involving all relevant solidarity bodies, for a two state settlement and for the British government to give this demand full and material backing – including sanctions on Israel if the Israeli government continues its policy of constructing more illegal settlements in violation of the UN Security Council resolution.
• Conference also calls on the British government to follow the 150 other UN members in giving recognition to the Palestinian State.