Organising precarious workers during Covid-19 – Zoom meeting

Sheffield University
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Thursday 30 April 2020 @ 6.00pm

We need to organise our way out of this crisis.

On May Day eve, join our zoom training to learn how to organise unionised precarious workers.

Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise organiser Rohan Kon will join call for an overview and Q&A on:

✔ top tips for reaching unionised workers during the COVID lockdown
✔ how to build an activist base and virtual phone bank
✔ challenges and pitfalls of virtual organising
✔ what she’s experienced doing this type of organising in Sheffield

Meeting Registration – HERE

Organising during Covid-19: how Unite won at Sheffield Students Union – Zoom meeting – Monday 4 May 2020 @ 2-3pm

✔ Unions can still win big despite the coronavirus lockdown. But employers won’t make it easy.
✔ Join us as we speak to the Unite members at Sheffield Students Union about how they wouldn’t take no for an answer.
✔ Josh Berlyne, Lois McCallum and Peter Jamieson will talk us through the steps they took in their campaign to win furlough pay, and what they’re still fighting for.

Meeting Registration – HERE

See information on Unite website about Sheffield University Students Union workers win on furlough.