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United Left says STOP shifting NHS staff to
wholly-owned subsidiary companies

United Left is proud to join the campaign to stop NHS Trusts shifting their NHS employees to wholly-owned NHS subsidiary companies. We do not accept the NHS Trusts’ excuses that this is simply a device to save VAT payments, and nor their assurances that this has no implication for NHS staff job security or terms and conditions.

We support the NHS trade unions – UNISON, GMB, UNITE and others – where they have come together to fight these plans. When they did so in Wigan and balloted their members for strike action, they forced the NHS Trust to abandon their outsourcing plans and won a total victory. We urge the NHS trade unions to follow Wigan’s example and present a united front to fight back to win continued NHS direct employment.

NHS staff have already seen their pay eroded by inflation and their pensions cut under this austerity-crazed Tory Government. There is a huge risk to their future security if they are outsourced. A wholly-owned subsidiary can be sold off, or used an excuse to erode or even abandon NHS agreed terms and conditions.

With privatisation of the NHS by stealth very much part of the Government’s agenda, and massive austerity spending cuts forcing many NHS Trusts to cut services and close facilities,  we think it is absolutely correct for NHS staff to oppose these plans.

We call on all UNITE members to fully support the campaign and sign the petition (see attached).

Martin Mayer

Chair United Left

United Left NCC, meeting in Birmingham on 24th November, agreed unanimously to support the campaign 

please send completed petition forms to the following address:
C/O Frank Keogh Unite the Union

6, Heneage St W, Birmingham B7 4AZ