NHS outsourcing halted in Wigan. WWL Solutions Ltd – Is no More!

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UNITED LEFT is delighted to hear of the successful struggle by UNISON members in Wigan who have won their campaign to stop the outsourcing of NHS workers to WWL Solutions. Wigan Council were rock solid behind the workers with Labour Leader David Molyneux indicating also that the CCG would also be supporting the 900 workers with a statement.
There was only 2 Labour members,Neil Turner and his wife who tried in vain to justify the privatisation!

This is an important victory which shows that strike action can stop this latest trend to fragment the NHS and separate NHS staff from NHS itself. UNITED LEFT urge health workers across the NHS to unite and fight this latest underhand method of attacking NHS terms and conditions and job security

Statement on twitter from Len McCluskey:

Great news that plans to outsource 900 workers to WWL solutions have been withdrawn ensuring they continue to work for our NHS. Huge credit to our @NorthWestUnite members who fought a tremendous campaign with @NorthWestUNISON and all those involved in securing this outcome.

UNISON gives thanks to the Labour Group, as well as CLP members who have consistently supported this campaign , and to UNISON, Unite, the GMB, the Bakers Union and others who have given support to this campaign.

Well Done the Domestic Staff of WWL NHS Trust!!!