National United Left hustings for Sector and Equalities seats on the Unite EC

United Left meetings
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There will be a United Left hustings on Saturday 14 December 12 noon – 3pm in the council house in Birmingham.

All paid up supporters of the United Left who are in the relevant constituency are invited to vote in the hustings. If you are not sure whether you are full paid up, please check with your regional coordinator.

United Left Regional Coordinator contact details are here.


Saturday 14 December 12 noon – 3.30pm

Committee Rooms 3 & 4 at the Birmingham Council House

In order to stand as United Left candidates for the EC seats candidates must:

  • Be fully paid up supporters of the national United Left. (Check with your regional coordinators to find out whether you are a fully paid-supporter. Their contact details are here:
  • Be eligible to stand under the Unite Rule Book and Rule 6 compliant.
  • If they prove unsuccesful at the hustings, agree not to oppose the succesful candidates in the subsequent election.

Ask your regional coordinators for a list of United Left candidates endorsed by the UL National Coordinating Committee, and the seats in which there are more nominations than seats (so a hustings will be necessary). 

The agenda for the national hustings will be:

  • 12noon Registration
  • 12:30pm Opening Plenary
  • 1.30pm Women’s Breakout Session
  • 2pm Industrial Sector Breakout Sessions (in parallel)
  • 2.30pm Announcement of results
  • 3pm Close