Grenfell tower

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UNITE is appalled at the national tragedy that is Grenfell Tower. Its burnt out hulk serves as a monument of shame to the appalling inequality in our society, the wilful neglect of social housing and its tenants, and the criminal irresponsibility of austerity spending cuts.

We deplore the limitations of the current inquiry. UNITE calls for the fullest and most transparent people’s inquiry into the disaster and its causes and the need to cover much wider issues relating to:

◦ Social housing neglect and access to council housing
◦ deregulation of building regulations and practices
◦ cuts to fire services
◦ inadequate standards of inspection and health and safety deregulation
◦ failure to listen to tenants and effective derecognition of tenants organisations
◦ sub-contracting of building works
◦ the removal of social housing from democratic accountability via Housing Management companies and organisations.
◦ Austerity spending cuts and consequent shortcuts taken when commissioning exterior cladding works