Donna Donnelly elected to Executive Council

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United Left is pleased to announce that Donna Donnelly, a leading UNITE activist from Sainsbury’s in Scotland, has been elected to the vacant seat for Food and Agriculture Sector on UNITE’s Executive Council.

“We are delighted to welcome Donna onto our Executive Council” said Martin Mayer, Chair of United Left. “She is a serious and well-respected trade unionist with a high profile in this important sector. I know she will speak up for the many thousands of low paid workers in Food and Agriculture” he added.

There are huge challenges for UNITE right across this sector. Some of the largest employers – such as Sainsbury’s where Donna works- are stepping up their attacks on our members. Sainsbury’s is currently forcing its workers to sign new inferior contracts on threat of dismissal. Elsewhere other employers like TGI Friday are stealing tips from their workers and resisting unionisation.

Following recent close of nominations, Donna Donnelly was declared elected unopposed. This reflects the wide support and respect she enjoys amongst leading reps in the sector.

Donna will join our United Left Executive group on UNITE’s Executive Council. The seat was left vacant by Tracey Ashworth who has been appointed as a UNITE Full Time officer

Martin Mayer United Left Chair