Celebrate Mayday online!

Platform London Mayday 2019
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See videos posted from trades unionists www.londonmayday.org 


Videos will play non-stop from then – dip in whenever you want 

 The coronavirus crisis means we will be celebrating May Day on-line this year. Leading speakers, messages from unions and organisations, music, poetry, film will be running from 11am on 1 May.

There will be special guests and other surprises. 

We are celebrating international workers day.

The reality that our society depends on workers could not be clearer at this time. We will be honouring those workers who are keeping our society going – both here and across the world. 

But we will not be forgetting key issues facing workers – getting financial support and ensuring their housing; fighting the anti-union laws that try to limit our effectiveness; facing the other great crisis, our environment and the need to get climate change through just transition.