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• Conference notes the UN Security Council resolution of January 2017 condemning Israel’s illegal occupation of, and building of settlements on, Palestinian territory and the further infringements of the rights of the Palestinian people • […]

Model Resolutions

Public ownership

We warmly welcome the commitments in the 2017 Labour Manifesto to bring into public ownership the railways and water. The experience of privatisation has clearly demonstrated that our essential public services have been badly run […]

Model Resolutions

Tax avoidance/havens

Conference roundly condemns the greed and baseless self-interest of wealthy individuals and business corporations who seek out every possible means, both legal and illegal, to avoid or evade the payment of taxes, as exposed time […]

Model Resolutions

Working with Labour for an industrial manifesto

UNITE welcomes the new Labour Leadership’s commitment to an industrial strategy with manufacturing at its heart. We welcome the proposal to set up an Investment Bank to direct investment into our essential infrastructure and economic […]

Model Resolutions

Council housing

As the current housing crisis goes from bad to worse, UNITE restates its strong commitment to the campaign to build a new generation of not-for-profit council houses as the only way to secure a quality […]