The World Transformed

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Newsflash: our friends at The World Transformed have just announced that tickets for TWT 2018 are now on sale. Be sure to grab yours now!

The World Transformed 2018 is a 4-day politics, arts and music festival that will be running alongside the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, working to build left power both inside and outside of parliament.

TWT grew out of the same movement as Momentum, and since 2016 they have been showcasing politics as it should be: dynamic, engaging and people-powered. This year’s festival will double in size, platform voices from all around the world – including John McDonnell, Leo Panitch and Ash Sarkar – and have a more innovative programme than ever before.

TWT is about imagining the world we want to live in and planning how we get there. Come along and add your voice to the discussions!

To find out more about The World Transformed, check out their website at forward to seeing you there!In solidarity,
Team Momentum

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