2020 elections for the Labour Party NEC begin in the next couple of days

Centre left grassroots alliance
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Following consultation with our regions, the United Left will be supporting the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate for the elections to the Labour Party NEC, plus our own John Wiseman.

That means that our members and supporters who are also members of the Labour Party should vote for the following candidates.

For the CLP section all Labour members will have nine votes for nine positions, and should use only seven of those votes, for:

  • Gemma Bolton
  • Yasmine Dar
  • Ann Henderson
  • Nadia Jama
  • Laura Pidcock 
  • Mish Rahman
  • John Wiseman

Members should open the link below and vote in the prioritised order for the Labour Party region where their membership is registered.


John Wiseman is not in the original CLGRA slate, so needs be added as a seventh vote.

Please also vote for:

Party Treasurer, Diana Holland. All Party members have a vote.

Disabled Members Seat, Ellen Morrison. Only Party members registered as disabled have a vote.

Youth Seat, Lara McNeil. Only Youth Party members have a vote.