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Support Junior Doctors - on strike for the NHS

Great video about Junior Doctors - about to go on strike for the first time in the history of the British Medical Association.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn: United Left model motion for UNITE branches, RISCs, NISCs and Regional Committees

Please use this motion to generate support for Corbyn throughout Unite.

You can download it here.

Model motion

This UNITE branch/RISC/NISC/Regional Committees (delete as appropriate) welcomes the outstanding election of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour Leader with 59.5% of the vote on a platform of anti-austerity, and a bold new vision of a fair and just society for working people.

We congratulate UNITE Executive Council for the decision to endorse Jeremy Corbyn and to recommend support for him by UNITE members. We also congratulate the work of the UNITE Political Department for the tremendous effort they put in to sign up more than 100,000 UNITE affiliated supporters , more than half of the total number of affiliated supporters signed up by all affiliated unions. There is no doubt that UNITE's Political Strategy to engage with and win back the Labour Party for working class values has been hugely important in achieving this success.

However we know that Jeremy's election was not welcomed by the majority of the Labour PLP and those elements within the Labour Party who support New Labour neo-liberal economics etc. His leadership and the policies he represents will receive unremitting criticism and ridicule in almost all the mainstream media.

We therefore call on UNITE Executive Council to ensure that this great union does everything it can to mobilise and unite the growing movement of support behind Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, including the huge army of young people who were enthused to support his campaign, as well as the increased number of UNITE members who became engaged in politics and the Labour Party for the first time.

We therefore recommend:

  • UNITE's Regional Political Committees consider initiating political meetings to engage Affiliated Supporters and Registered Supporters in political activity and campaigns , and to encourage them to become full members of the Labour Party. Also to use this as an opportunity to recruit Registered Supporters into the union
  • UNITE should endeavour to unite the various disparate forces on the left of the Labour Party so that a united Labour Left can be brought into being that can more effectively challenge Progress' grip on the selection process etc.
  • UNITE works in alliance with other organisations e.g. CLPD to consider support for Rule Changes to democratise the Labour Party and give policy making and control back to the membership, including making MPs more accountable to their CLP

We support MOMENTUM as the new movement aimed at building a mass movement outside of Parliament (e.g. anti-austerity and for Trade Union rights) to back Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. 

Timetable of United Left meetings 2015