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London bus workers agree three further days of strike action

The latest strike days will be Thursday 5 February, Friday 13 February and Monday 16 February. They follow a continued refusal by London’s bus operators to enter into collective talks over ending unfair pay disparities.

A 24 hour London-wide bus strike earlier in January saw bus services across the capital brought to a standstill as over 20,000 bus workers walked out as part of a campaign to secure one collective forum to discuss agreement for pay and conditions for London’s bus workers.


Nominate Suzanne Muna for London and Eastern Territorial representative on the Unite Executive Council

As Branch Secretary of the multi-employer Unite Housing Workers branch, Suzanne been involved in creating a real organising and fighting base. This has been evident in the recent high profile disputes which emerged at One Housing Group (0HG), The Homes and Communities Agency, Equinox, Look Ahead, Peabody, and St MungosBroadway over pay and conditions, and the ‘I’m Bryan’ campaign to defend a sacked representative at OHG. Suzanne has also been instrumental in initiating strategic campaigns to end the toxic effect on workers of the endless merry-go-round of housing and social care service transfers.

If elected, Suzanne is committed to building on Unite’s proud track record of supporting workers in struggle, particularly in the London and Eastern Region. This includes the NHS campaigns, eliminate blacklisting in construction. greater co-ordination of industrial action, scrapping the anti-union laws, and defending workers across the region, including in local government, Heathrow airport, the hotel sector and DP World ports, and others. She is opposed to all cuts imposed by national government and local councils, and committed to fighting to give Unite members a stronger and transparent political voice in accordance with the policies of the UL.

If you have a branch meeting before 1 April, seek the branch's nomination for Suzanne Muna. If there is no branch meeting before this date, please seek the branch committee's endorsement and email this to Suzanne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Branch: Unite Housing Workers Branch LE1111.
Membership No.:15692878.
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download and print off nomination leaflet here.


Striking London bus workers demand Cameron takes NHS out of TTIP

Striking bus workers demand a single pay structure across London - and that Cameron defends the NHS from the anti-democratic TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). See information on TTIP here.












High spirits amoung strikers at Clapton bus garage - see the big red buses lined up behind them which did not go out!

Vote for FRANK MORRIS for Construction Building and Allied Workers rep on UNITE Executive Council

Following the resignation of long-serving UL exec member John Sheridan, there is a vacancy on the Executive Council for the Construction, Building and Allied Workers national industrial sector.

Frank Morris has been chosen by UNITED LEFT and the sector's own vibrant Rank and File as their candidate.

Frank was sacked when he was our only UNITE Shop Steward on London's massive CrossRail project as the employers tried to make this a union-free zone. Thanks to a massive UNITE leverage campaign the construction bosses backed down and Frank was reinstated. For the first time union access to all sites was won too.

Frank knows about union victimisation. Frank knows about organising in a hostile anti-union atmosphere. Frank knows about Rank and File organisation and action. Frank knows about the power of UNITE's leverage strategy.

If your branch or workplace has members of this sector then please ensure you vote for Frank Morris.

London construction Branch LE/0555 Membership no 31019430 Employer Bam Frank on Crossrail

Download and distribute this leaflet to campaign for a vote for Frank.

Vote for ROSS QUINN for GEMS rep on UNITE Executive Council

There is a UNITE Executive Council by-election for the General Engineering and Manufacturing Services Industrial Sector (GEMS).

This sector is entitled to three seats.

A recent restructure of the Sector saw the private services membership (cleaners, janitors, care workers etc) transferring to a new Private Services industrial sector. Brenda Pleasants GEMS United Left Executive Council member has transferred across to the new Private Services sector as this is her industry.

This leaves a vacancy for an Executive Council seat representing the restructured GEMs sector. It is important we retain this seat for the United Left.

If your branch or workplace has members in the restructured GEMS sector, please ensure they vote for ROSS QUINN

Branch NW/9515 Membership no 31033593 Employer IQA

Download Ross's election address here.