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Save our Surgeries march through East London

A community on the march to defend GP surgeries. 98 are threatened with closure across the country because of government cuts.

21 June: march with the NHS bloc on Peoples Assembly march

Fight for our NHS! 













THE NHS has provided what no other country in the world has achieved at the same cost — universal healthcare in the form of equal access to comprehensive care, irrespective of personal income.”

So wrote Allyson Pollock and David Price in A Duty to Care.

How have we arrived at the point where the NHS, the most beloved — and successful — institution in Britain, is on the way to becoming a US-style privatised and insurance-based service in the next few years?

It’s the result of more than two decades of lobbying and active interventions by private healthcare companies.
It is a process in which the vast majority of the mass media has colluded.

It arises out of a degenerate political system led by an array of corrupt politicians — from all the major parties — who have voted in Parliament for 25 years for the marketisation and privatisation of healthcare services.

Their reward has come through profitable personal investments and lucrative jobs in the private healthcare companies once their political careers are over.


Excellent result for United Left in the recent Executive Council elections

We are very please to report a very good result for United Left on the new 62-seat UNITE Executive Council. We have won 46 seats out of the 62. Congratulations to all the candidates, and to all the United Left supporters who worked so hard to get them elected.

We look forward to the next three years of our union taking a major lead in the fight against austerity.