United Left

Vote United Left in Unite's Executive Council elections

From today, more than 1.1 million ballot papers for UNITE's triennial Executive Council elections will be arriving through members' letter boxes.

Our challenge is twofold - to encourage our members to vote in these crucially important elections; and secondly, to vote for the progressive and visionary left candidates who really want to take our union forward and make UNITE an even stronger and effective voice for our members. And that means United Left candidates, who are standing in every constituency.

United Left selected and backed Len McCluskey as our General Secretary in 2010. With a strong United Left majority on the Executive Council, together we have achieved much in a very short time:

• healing the rifts from a painful merger and creating a new united union, tolerant and inclusive, looking outwards and fighting for ALL our members

• creating a system of lay membership democracy which is better than either the TGWU or AMICUS i.e. workplace branches wherever possible; shop steward conferences in every sector; regional and national industrial sector committees; strong representative regional committees; area activist committees; regional and national political committees etc


Union send-off for a great workers' leader

See pictures from Bob Crowe's funeral today at East London Crematorium.

Trade union banners line the road at the gates.

The casket drawn by horses.

Vote for United Left candidates for Executive Council elections 2014

Taking into the account the reorganisation of Industrial Sectors and the decline in membership affecting the number of seats in certain constituencies, the Executive Council has agreed the following constituencies/seats for the next EC Elections in accordance with rule.

In order to comply with minimum proportionality an additional 3 BAEM seats were designated to those constituencies with the largest proportion of BAEM membership (see constituencies marked *) bringing the total number of seats to 62.

You can print off the list of United Left Candidates here.

REGION   Seats   UL Candidate(s)
East Midlands   2 (1 woman)   June Shepherd
London/Eastern   4 (1 woman + 1 BAEM)   Richard Allday Branch LE7055E, Member 15224084 , Brian Holmes Branch: LE/264 FDT Sector, Member 14198584, Lizanne Malone Branch BASSA LE/2000, Membership 14017695, Kwasi Agyemang-Prenpeh Branch LE 2007 Member 15551134
NEYH   2 (1 woman)    Steve Miller Branch NE/205/3 Membership No, 31012695
Ireland   2 (1 woman)   Therese Moloney Education & Research RI/0308M  30066458
        Trevor McDowell  Branch NI/91  12635882
North-West   3 (1 woman)    Barry Knowles NW/0523 Membership 32005616
        Francesca Sullivan NW/208, Membership 15392047
        Tony Woodhouse Branch NW/541 Membership Number 13854195
Scotland   2 (1 woman)   David Brockett Branch SC/164/405, Membership 30846477
        Dawn McAllister  Branch SC/175/401 Membership 32938535
South-East   2 (1 woman)   Jan Bastable 30456037 Branch   SE6158
        + 1 t.b.c.
South-West   2 (1 woman)   Jayne Taylor Branch SW 8210 Membership 13457060
Wales   2 (1 woman)   Ian Smith WA/B4059 Mem 12712240 +  Wendy Gilligan S.E. Wales Finance & Legal Sector (WA/B1005) Membership Number: 32813986
West Midlands*   3 (1 woman + 1 BAEM)   Maggie Ryan WM/7686  Membership No  14354575
SECTOR   Seats   UL Candidate(s)
FDT*   3 (1 woman + 1 BAEM)   Tracey Ashworth NW 500 branch - membership number 13834291 Ansarr Khaliq Nestle UK Ltd-Halifax NE/ 100/10 - membership number 15253542 Dennis Wilson Branch LE/1269 - membership number 14141421
RAAW   1   Ivan Monckton
Automotive VBA + Motor Components)   2   Chris Bond SE 625 Branch Membership Number 14388052 + John Cooper NW/763 Membership Number 13841578
Chemical & PPT   2   Mark Lyon member number 13461535 and branch SC/126 + John Storey Branch; Levers 9704 Membership number; 30421539
GEMS   2 (S&GI + EEE)   Brenda Pleasants Branch SE/6239 Membership number 13415725
        Ross QuinnNW/9515 Membership 31033593
Energy/Utilities   1   Dave Whitnall
Metals   1   Dave Rochester:  Bamber Bridge  0056/31575787 Coupe Foundry, Preston
Aerospace/Ship   2   Phil Entwistle Membership No 14782319 Branch NW/64
Road Transport CLRD   2   Garry Hillier LE /326 RTC membership 14747202
        Dave Williams NW/541 membership 13875195
Docks/Rails   1   Steve Biggs
Passenger Transport   2 (1BAEM)   James Mitchell LE1254/ 14176443 
        Taj Salam NE302/7 Branch
Civil Air Transport*   3 (1 woman+1 BAEM   Sharon Owens 14072411 - LE 2000 Nigel Stott 14260438 - LE 2000 Jasvinder Gill 14049558 - LE 1186 (baem)
Finance/Legal   2 (1 woman)   Lindsey Adams Membership number 32792204 Branch NW/NW11 Contact 07775555439 Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > Agnes Tolmie Branch: SC/164/401 Membership No: 32799221 Contact No: 07739 078344 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Community Youth & N4P   1   Kingsley Abrams  LE1111 Housing Branch/32741831
Building and Construction and Allied Trades Sector   1   John Sheridan Membership no 13948368 Branch NW 127404
GPM/IT   2 (GPM + IT & Cs)   Ged Dempsey    Polestar (Sheffield) No: 32649734 Branch No: NE/406/9
        Tommy Murphy Membership No: 32684856. Branch: GPM London Print Branch LE/7031L
Local Authorities   2 (1 woman)   Jennifer Elliot Branch SC 60/3 Membership 13254513 + Dave Mathieson
Health   2 (1 woman)   Frank Wood + Ruth Greene Branch NW 103 Membership 30529810
MoD/Govt Depts.   1   Tim Elford13054963 SW/011409 (Taunton Area)
Education   1   John Wiseman NW-0538 branch Calderstones School and Sixth Form workplace Membership 32314182
EQUALITIES   Seats   UL Candidate
Women   1 (1 woman)   Jane Stewart NW/9704 Membership Number 30269599
BAEM   1 ( 1 BAEM)   Mohammad Taj Branch No NE/302 - 7 Membership No 13657947
LGBT   1   Jenny Douglas Branch no: SC/79/16 Membership No: 13326312 Sector: Local Authorities Workplace: Dundee City Council
Disabled   1   Sean McGovern Branch number: L&E 785 Membership number: 14171043
TOTAL   62 (16 women)(6 BAEM)    

Timetable for Executive Council elections 2014

Despatch of Nomination Forms w/c 6 January

Nominations Period Monday 13 January – Tuesday 11 February

Last date for Receipt of Nominations Tuesday 18 February

Last date for Acceptance and Receipt of Election Address Tuesday 25 February

Voting Papers despatched 26 – 28 March

Last date for Voting papers to be returned Wednesday 23 April.

Verification of Count Thursday 24 and Friday 25 April.